Super Simple, Super Scale Datasets as a Service

PointScrape efficiently collects large-scale, public data from the web, continuously delivering custom datasets to your backend hassle free.

Data for Model Pretraining or Fine Tuning

Bootstrap your new model with large-scale, in-domain data, and get to great performance before putting it in front of customers.

Super-Scale Datasets - Without the Fuss

No need to worry about juggling proxies, prioritizing things to scrape, or endless maintenance keeping your scrapers running!

Works With Every Data Source

PointScrape's flexible structure allows it to scrape the freshest data frequently, regardless of the data's underlying strcutre or location.

Up-To Date Data

PointScrape runs continuously, scraping where the most fresh data is available. This means you keep getting up to date data without having to tell PointScrape where to look.

Three Ways To Play

Daily Data Delivery

The simplest and fastest solution. You simply decide on a location to have the data delivered and with what frequency, and we make sure it gets there.

Partially Self-Hosted

A great balance of control and convenience. You contorl the database at the center of the dataset building process without having to manage the most complex parts of dataset building.

Fully Self-Hosted

Maximize control and minimize risk. This option licenses full use of PointScrape to you, including services for bootstrapping your first scraper and training your staff.

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