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Auto Tagging as a Service

With Taggit's topic auto tagging, you can automatically detect and count any topic you can tag in text. By auto tagging text topics, you can lower feedback categorization costs, stack rank problems by impact, and monitor known problems and ensure resolution.

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The speaker has great bass, in spite of its small size.
about 2 hours ago.

Auto Tagged Text

The QC25 headphones have the best sound to date. I listen at my desk at home, in the office, and on public transportation - so I've tested them in a lot of places. I'd recommend them for anyone.

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On-Prem Sentiment

Turn your feedback into action.

An on-premise sentiment solution gives your data direction while maximizing end customer privacy and security. Native models for 15 languages provide the most accurate results. Available as a one-time, auto-scaled solution to match any data size. Subscribe with a flat monthly rate to get model updates that ensure you're catching the latest lingo.

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Deep Dive

Find the context missing from your metrics.

A feedback deep dive extracts the big patterns and low hanging fruit from your feedback data, like surveys, messages, and reviews. This one-time bulk analysis helps you validate your roadmap and discover your blindspots, so you can plot a confident path to customer delight. Reach out now to see what actionable insights lie in your data.

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Custom Dashboard

Scale your feedback analysis process.

Monitor the health of your own large-scale feedback, or increase the efficiency of your feedback analysis services with a custom feedback monitoring and analysis dashboard, built to your specific needs. Keep your finger on the pulse, seeing what customer concerns are trending, and track the effect of updates. Monitor the big patterns and connect them back to specific customers and reviews with your own bespoke dashboard.

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Text Classifiers

Monitor specific topics and take automated action.

Detect and quantify topics of interest in the context of your business. Optimize your support process with auto responders, FAQ suggesters, and precise monitors for known pain points.

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Success Stories

Bisu: Quantifying Consumer Sentiment in Niche Communities

Classification Sentiment Dashboard

Health-tracker startup Bisu is poised to launch its smart urine analyzer in the US in 2020 to test markers including ketosis, electrolytes, and hydration. To help Bisu create and execute a successful communications plan and bring their product to market, Thought Vector provided a text analysis dashboard of key reddit communities, uncovering significant consumer uncertainty and adversarial influencers, and informing communications strategy for addressing these challenges.

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